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    AL - Infant body found in ditch: Opelika - February 2008

    Investigators work a scene where an infant was found dead Monday morning in Opelika. An on-site maintenance man found the infant in the rain drainage ditch at Tree Top Apartments and called 911. The infant was pronounced dead at 9:45 a.m.

    More at link...


    Baby has been identified as a black female
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    So sad too many children being cast out as throw aways.

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    Baby's Body Found In Ditch

    Another Baby thrown away!

    OPELIKA, Ala. -- Authorities investigating the death of a baby girl whose body was found in a drainage ditch are awaiting forensic evidence for more clues today.

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    I'm so sick of this...everyday there is another dead baby by the hands of who knows who...usually a parent.

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    I just saw this on our local newspaper website. There has been an arrest in this case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Auburnmommyof2 View Post
    I just saw this on our local newspaper website. There has been an arrest in this case.
    I'm glad there has been an arrest. I just don't understand this, at all.

    RIP baby girl, RIP.

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    Opelika woman faces 10 years in prison for infant daughter's death
    Published: Monday, February 22, 2010

    OPELIKA -- A 20-year-old Opelika woman has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for the death of her newborn infant.

    Efernia McClendon pleaded guilty last month to manslaughter for causing the death of the baby girl in 2008. The infant's body was found in a drainage ditch at an apartment complex.

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