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    TX - Yvonne Sanchez, 21, pregnant, shot to death, Houston, 3 Feb 2008


    Yvonne Sanchez, 21, was sleeping about 3 a.m. Sunday when a gunman forced his way into her home at the The Gables at Richmond apartment complex in the 3400 block of Ocee. Her husband awoke when he heard a loud explosion that sounded like a gunshot, Houston police said.

    Sanchez's husband, Guillermo Rubio, chased after the gunman, who police identified as Biondi Vernard Rolle. He fled in a waiting car, police said.

    Rubio went back to check on his wife and found that she had been shot. Sanchez was rushed by ambulance to Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital, where she died, police said.

    "I think (the suspect) thought he was shooting the man, but he shot the woman," Motard said.

    Sanchez's child was delivered at the hospital, but lived only 10 minutes, police said.

    The couple's 2-year-old twins were in another bedroom. They were not injured, police said.

    Rubio told investigators about a months-long quarrel he had been having with Rolle, a neighbor who lived upstairs. He allowed Rolle to run an extension cord into his apartment after his power was cut off but had not paid him since November.

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    Wow. So this couple had been helping this guy out for months and he turned around and shot the wife just because they were tired of him using their electricity? What a jerk . To put it mildly.

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    Why not just pull the plug?!

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    Another time that no good deed goes unpunished.

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    Oh, I was confused. Wow, that's just stupid. I'm so sorry for that family. Now those twins don't have a mommy.

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    From April 2012:


    A jury convicted appellant Biondi Vernard Rolle of capital murder, and the trial court assessed automatic punishment of life imprisonment without parole.

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