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    TN - Amber Cates, 16, Maury County, 11 April 2004

    Almost four years, a Maury County girl disappeared without a trace.

    It's hard for Amber Cates' family to imagine almost four years have passed since the last time anyone has seen her.

    Sunday was her 20th birthday.

    At 16, Cates was originally considered a runaway, but as time passed authorities felt something had happened to her.


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    Teens Remain Missing In Maury County


    2 Students Return Home After Running Away

    POSTED: 4:21 pm CDT October 10, 2008
    UPDATED: 6:01 pm CDT October 10, 2008

    COLUMBIA, Tenn. -- In the past few weeks, four Maury County teens who attended different schools have either not come home from school or left home without letting their parents know.

    Brenda James stands at her front door hoping her sister will come home.

    Amber Elizabeth Cates was 16 years old when she was last seen in Columbia in April of 2004. Police said the trail has gone cold and they have no leads.

    "No leads, every lead they get is a dead end," said James.

    Cates is just one of a handful of teenagers in the area who have gone missing in the past few years.

    Sarah Elizabeth Hale, 16, is one of the four Maury County teens who was reported missing within a few days of each other after fall break.

    Jamie Rodgers, 17, and Thomas McCall Gage, 16, are back home after running away.

    However, Dominique Lawrence, 17, is still nowhere to be found, and Tyler Michael Yates is still missing as well.

    Maury County Sheriff's Detective Randall Hickman said all of the teens appear to have nothing in common except the time-frame of their disappearances, which was just after fall break.

    Police said most of the time missing teens eventually come home, but authorities said they have to always assume the worst and work leads until they know differently. They are treating each case as a missing person spending hours looking for them.

    Police said someone called and said they saw Hale in the Lawrenceburg, Tenn., area, but by the time Hickman got there, she was gone.

    James has a heartfelt message for young people who may be running away from home because of rebellion. She said predators are waiting for opportunities like this, while loved ones are hurting.

    "Don't make your parents worry and wonder like I have. I'd love to have her home," said James.

    Sometimes the eight detectives in the Maury County said that the sheriff's department can spend as much time looking for missing people as they do investigating burglaries and other crimes.

    Police said Cates was last seen with a man four years ago who goes by the name California.

    Anyone with information about Cates or the other missing teens is asked to call police.

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    Teen Missing For 6 Years; FBI To Help In Case


    Renewed Effort Hopes To Develop New Leads In 16-Year-Old's Disappearance
    Reported By Deanna Lambert

    POSTED: 4:17 pm CDT April 9, 2010
    UPDATED: 7:22 pm CDT April 9, 2010

    COLUMBIA, Tenn. -- The FBI is helping in a renewed effort to find a teenager from Maury County who has been missing for six years. Since Amber Cates, 16, vanished, detectives have investigated for years but turned up nothing.

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    Amber is 22-years-old now, and may have dyed her hair blonde.
    Picture at link with her hair blonde.
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    Why would this say she may have dyed her hair blond? Has she been seen? I mean it has been six years...I am not getting where that came from...
    Just my opinion, of course.

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    UPDATED: 1:51 am CDT August 8, 2010

    For the first time, a search is set to find a Maury County teen who disappeared six years ago.

    The family of Amber Cates plans to search the Duck River for her body. It will be the first physical search since her disappearance.

    Cates has been missing since April 2004, when she left her mother's house with a friend and never returned home.

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    FBI Offers $25,000 In Missing Person Case

    Posted: Nov 19, 2010 5:43 PM CST

    CHAPEL HILL, Tenn. - The FBI is offering a $25,000 reward for information in a missing person cold case.

    Amber Cates vanished more than six years ago. She was 16-years-old.

    Cates' half sister Brenda James said the holidays haven't been the same for more than six years. On Friday, James sat next to her Christmas tree that she decorated early this year.

    "It's hard doing these interviews," she said, with tears in her eyes.

    But she said keeping the case in the public eye is important.

    more here

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    I think the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.
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    Where is Rachel Cooke? Missing since 10-Jan-2002
    Rachel's thread - WS

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    Did her friend return home or is stilling missing as well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redwood146 View Post
    Did her friend return home or is stilling missing as well?
    "Police said Cates was last seen with a man four years ago who goes by the name California."

    Not so sure they really know him.

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    for Amber.


    Missing 9 years next week.
    Here a , there a , everywhere a

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    Vigil Held For Missing Columbia Teen


    Posted: Apr 13, 2013 10:07 PM EDT
    Updated: Apr 13, 2013 11:30 PM EDT
    by Jason Lamb

    COLUMBIA, Tenn The family of a Maury County teen who went missing 9 years ago held a vigil in honor of her this weekend.

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    so i am confused it said on someones post she has been missing for 9 years but another post said she was last seen 4 years ago with a man? so she has been seen once sense she went missing? just a little confused here
    ~*you never know how much you miss a person until you actually have to miss them*~

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    Bumping for Amber but I also want to say how sad it makes me that they didn't even do a physical search until she had been missing 6 years. Makes no sense.
    "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear." - N. Mandela

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