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    Congrats Detroit You're Miserable

    What would we do without the good folks at Forbes making up their silly lists? Here's the Top Five most miserable cities according to Forbes: Detroit, Michigan got #1. WOOT! Followed by Stockton, California. Coming in at #3 is Flint, Michigan. Ya know New York, New York had to be in there as they got #4. Keeping with our all things awful Philadelphia, PA came in at #5. Makes me so proud, and man are we miserable.http://money.aol.com/forbes/realesta...cities?photo=6

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    These lists are so subjective. Ask most people living in Buffalo, NY and they'll tell you what misery is.

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    MD 'burbs of Washington DC
    LoL @ Paladin! I had a friend that lived there... she used to joke that it was snow 11 months out of the year and her worth was judged on the size of her snow blower. LoL

    I have to say, I'm surprised DC wasn't listed...

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    haha, does that make me special, that I survived living in #2 Stockton, CA?
    I made it out, woo hoo! (Just like everywhere, it had it's kinda nice areas...and then areas I knew to stay waaaay far away from.) My kids' grandparents still live there. Bless their hearts.

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    Born in Flint, MI. Wasn't raised there but visiting now I can see why we didn't stay long term.
    Those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities ~ Voltaire

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    The screw up in Detroit and Michigan in general (IMO) is that we're built on the "auto industry" we never explored other areas until it was "too late"

    Take into account the most of the "big 3" auto workers make GOOD money, and then are supposed to take a job that makes 8/9/10 bucks an hour?

    Combine that with the fact that they were giving homes away (loan wise) to anyone w/ a pulse, most should NOT have been approved, and imo, that's one of the main reasons our foreclosure rates are so dang high.

    As far as Detroit being violent? Any place is violent...I personally LOVE Detroit. It's absolutely beautiful, the architecture is absolutely amazing, and believe it or not? Most people are pretty damn nice. Yes, you get the "****s, druggies, and "Bad" people. But as all of us have read on here, it doesn't matter where the area is or how rich or poor it is, there are "bad" people" who do "bad things" everywhere in the world.

    I've worked in Detroit as well as Played in Detroit, I've only had ONE issue and that was a gas station owner who told me it probably wasn't the best area for a "white girl" to be hanging around. (I was meeting a friend to give him documents for work and it was an "inbetween point")

    However, I've never felt threatened, unsafe etc. But I also grew up just a few blocks of 8 mile, (moved "north" a couple months back and I miss Detroit ALOT) and maybe that has something to do with it!

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    Well I have to say that I feel lucky to live only 2 hours away from Detroit, and I love that city enough for all of us. I could pitch a tent in Hart Plaza and quite nicely live my life.

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