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    Britain's oldest honeymooners (combined age 178)

    With a love story that'll warm your heart.

    Peggy and James Mason - Britain's oldest newlyweds - are holding hands and exchanging sweet nothings.

    It would be touchingly romantic, were it not for the fact that Peggy, 85 years young, really should have both hands on the steering wheel right now, given that she is in the driving seat of a rather large mobile home which is hurtling down the motorway at speed.

    "I love you, James, you know, my beautiful James," she coos, clutching her new husband's hand over the gearstick and shouting over the noise of the engine.

    James's hearing isn't what it used to be, so she leans in towards him and shouts louder. "James, do you hear me? Are you OK? Are you cold, my darling wonderful man?"
    Ninety-three year-old James responds with a huge grin and a similar squeeze of the palm. "I'm good as gold, and twice as happy," he shouts back, as the traffic thunders by.

    More: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/liv...n_page_id=1879

    There's always hope. what an adventure! "everyone does a cruise". they're record-breakers, you know.
    the wedding blessing is on Valentine's Day.

    oh, this is a gorgeous story of love in the twighlight of lives.

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    I'm so happy for them, they're just adorable. I wish them the best.

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