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    Police go live monitoring D.C. crime cameras

    Police Go Live Monitoring D.C. Crime Cameras
    Chief's Initiative Aimed At Faster Response Time
    By Allison Klein
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Monday, February 11, 2008

    D.C. police are now watching live images from dozens of surveillance cameras posted in high-crime parts of the city, hoping to respond faster to shootings, robberies and other offenses and catch suspects before they get away.
    The District's cameras have quite a range, officials said. Officers can rotate angles for different views. They can zoom in on faces of potential suspects and pick up license plate numbers from cars several blocks away. Officers monitor 911 calls while watching the cameras, and they can switch feeds if they learn of a crime being reported at one of the sites under surveillance.
    Police have directed one arrest from the command center, a drug deal they spotted at a Northwest Washington gas station a few weeks ago. Officers called in vice units that surprised the suspect.
    Lanier said the initiative is a pilot project that began without any fanfare in mid-November. The D.C. Council is expected to learn details of the new use of the cameras in a report due Friday. Members will probably assess the effectiveness of the live monitoring and weigh concerns about balancing public safety and privacy. (more at link)

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    I'm surprised this wasn't done earlier.
    I sure the expense was a deterrant, but the cameras imo would be a better way to watch the areas than cops. It's safer for the cops anyway.

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    Till someone steals the cameras!!!!!!!

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    They do this is some Baltimore neighborhoods already. It was pretty interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linda7NJ View Post
    Till someone steals the cameras!!!!!!!
    You're right. I didn't think about that.

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    Cameras or not, I am still staying my happy tail out here in the 'burbs... DC has some mean streets.

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