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    LA - John Delatte, New Orleans, 5 Feb 2008 - Missing after Mardi Gras


    13 Feb 08

    It has been eight days since Melissa Delatte has heard from her husband John Delatte.

    "For him to disappear, and not call, and not come home, is so unlike him," said Melissa, who is six months pregnant. "It has to be something more serious. Something is wrong."

    The last time anyone saw him was in New Orleans on Tuesday, February 5 around 11:02 p.m.

    Since that time, the Mansfield father of three hasn't called, used his credit cards or withdrawn any money.

    Family and friends say they fear the worst.

    "Knowing John, he definitely wouldn't do that to his family. Something is definitely wrong," said Delatte's long-time best friend, Robbie Raccuglia.

    On Fat Tuesday, Delatte and Raccuglia went to a Mardi Gras parade. Later that night, Delatte went out alone to Razzoo's, a local restaurant, to visit a bartender friend.

    "It's Mardi Gras. A lot of this happens every year. People come up missing," said Raccuglia.

    Police in New Orleans say they're handling this as a missing persons case until evidence points otherwise.

    Melissa says she just wants her husband back at home.


    (Video at link.)

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    This is suspicious. Knowing that a lot of gang activity is ongoing but knowing that his friend discounts this is doubly troubling.Where exactly was his friend?

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    Records show that Mr. Delatte has not used his cellphone. But authorities said someone used his debit card the night he disappeared, and the card has been used several times since then.
    I'm curious about his debit card being used. Couldn't they check surveillance cameras at the place they were used to see if it's him or someone else using them?

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    Found deceased in his vehicle in a canal

    The murky waters of a Metairie canal revealed what a North Texas family feared. Divers discovered a maroon SUV, and inside, the body of a Tarrant County father of three. More at linK

    Another story at this link.


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    Oh that's just so sad

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    Oh, what a terribly sad story.

    Knowing both Mansfield area and Metarie, I feel for both communities as well as the family.

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    Wow....I wonder what happened and why. HOw sad for his family, especially the new child he will never meet now.
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    Awww ... how sad. My thoughts are with his wife and family.

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    Quote: A coroner will now conduct an autopsy, which his family said they hope will explain his mysterious death

    I don't think his death is really mysterious. They found a cooler and beer cans in his SUV. It sounds to me that he had to much to drink and drove off the road. Probably fell asleep.
    I hope maybe he just fell asleep and drinking didn't play a part in it (for his family's sake).
    I guess the only mysterious part of it is how his debit cards were used. But maybe the transactions didn't show up immediatly.

    Hopefully we will get an update as well.

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