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    Quins go home

    Just such a gorgeous picture of the girls, i wanted to share and i think it will make you beam:

    FIRST PICTURE: Russian parents have five more reasons to smile as quins born in Oxford head home

    For Dimitri and Varvara Artamkin, it was the joyful moment they had waited three months for.

    All five of their baby girls (Elizaveta, Alexandra, Nadezhda, Tatiana and Varvara Artamkin) were finally strong enough to leave hospital as a complete family for the first time since their birth.

    Last week, Tatiana was the last of the Russian couple's quintuplets to be given a clean bill of health by doctors at Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital and allowed to join her sisters at the family's temporary home nearby.


    don't you want to gather them all into your arms? i do.

    and what a beautiful couple are Dimitri and Varvara!

    a story of courage, determination and, above all, love. (of yeah: and great medical work.)

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    On the Third Coast
    Those babies are beyond cute!

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    What beautiful little girls! They certainly all look healthy and happy.

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    They are beautiful! God bless them all, and their proud parents.

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    Oh...they are soooo pretty! Look how Mom and Dad are just beaming!!! Best of luck to them!

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    They are so beautiful. Hope they have safe and healthy lives.

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