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Thread: TN - Robert Howard, 47, Cookeville, 13 Feb 2008

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    TN - Robert Howard, 47, Cookeville, 13 Feb 2008

    18 Feb 08

    Police are searching for a man who went to feed a friend's dog last week and hasn't been seen since.

    Robert Howard, 47, of Davis Road, was last seen by his family on Feb. 13 when he left his home to go to Maple Point Road, but he never showed up there, and the next day, his wife called police and reported him missing, according to police reports.

    "Our concern is that he was in sort of a depressed state of mind, and he's never done anything like this before," said Cookeville Police Detective Sgt. James Lane, who is investigating. "His wife said he has never been gone this long without calling."

    Howard had been scheduled to participate in a church service on the evening of Feb. 13, the same day he went to feed a friend's dog and did not return, the detective said.

    "His wife said he had never missed a chance to participate in a church service," the detective said.

    The friend whose dog Howard was supposed to feed that day told the detective that when she returned home that evening, "there was no sign of anyone being at the house and the dog had not been fed."

    Howard was last seen wearing a gray Jeff Gordon hoodie, blue jeans, white Nike tennis shoes, and a ball cap.

    His wife told Detective Lane that he wears glasses sometimes and that "he would have been unshaven for a couple of days."

    He is five ft. eight inches tall, weighs 240 pounds, is bald, and has blue eyes.

    He was driving a maroon colored 1992 Ford Taurus with the tag number 097-SFZ.

    The truck has a cell phone antenna on the back.

    Anyone who has information on this case is asked to contact Detective Lane at (931) 520-5317.

    no pic at link

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    Fwiw A taurus is NOT a truck

    Just in case anyone is in that locale and keeping their eyes peeled. A taurus is a car NOT a truck. So look for a car w/ an antennae on the back.....

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    19 Feb 08

    Cookeville Police Department is investigating the disappearance of Robert Howard, 48, of Cookeville Tennessee.

    Mr. Howard was last seen on Wednesday, February 13, 2008 at approximately 1:45 pm when he was left his home on West Davis Road in route to feed a friends pet.

    Driving a maroon 1992 Ford Taurus, license TN. Tag 097-SFZ, Mr. Howard did not show up to feed the pet and has not been seen since.

    Robert Howard is described as bald with a mustache, 5’08”, 240 pounds and blue eyes.

    If anyone has any information concerning the disappearance of Mr. Howard, please contact Detective Sgt. James Lane at 931-520-5317.



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