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    NE - Mental Health Worker Arrested On DUI While Driving Ward Of State

    Just what ya'd want to hear after a child has been placed with the State. Denise Thompson who works at a behavioral health establishment was aressted while driving with an alcohol level of times times the legal limit. Unfortunately she was transporting an eight year old ward of the State. Drinking on the job is an understatement.http://www.kptm.com/Global/story.asp...&nav=menu606_2

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    FIVE TIMES THE LEGAL LIMIT?!! Wow... Er, what is the legal limit there? How drunk was she?

    Quote Originally Posted by KPTM Fox 42
    Authorities have said Thomson had a blood-alcohol level that was five times the legal limit when she was pulled over on Interstate 80 in Sarpy County.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KatK View Post
    FIVE TIMES THE LEGAL LIMIT?!! Wow... Er, what is the legal limit there? How drunk was she?
    BAC runs between 0.08 & 0.1 (Nebraska is apparently 0.08), so that would mean she had a BAC of at least 0.4. It's hard to know what that would equate to drink-wise, as it dep on both her weight and what she drank. But damn, that's very high. Or otherwise put, she was "seriously sloshed." Which basically means she is likely looking at a felony charge, which in turn, will not only cost her [her] job, but also her license (assuming she has one) to practice.

    Btw, here's another article (click here). They're reporting she had a BAC of 0.415. Oh and, here's another article (click here).

    And, here's the kicker:

    The family of the eight-year-old girl says Thomson and the child were on their way to Lincoln to see the girl's mother who is in prison for fourth offense Drunk Driving.
    Full article: click here

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