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    AZ - Michael Wolfe, 20 months, Feb 2008

    The babysitter appears to have taken off with him.
    More at

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    Gosh, I hope the baby is ok. Too bad the dad didn't check this 15 yr old out better. The link above states that Rainey is known to be a meth user and had runaway from her Gilbert home, police said.

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    This case just seems so strange. I think there's possibly more to the story than they are releasing right now. She was a KNOWN meth user?!?

    The story I read said that she had been watching him since Monday. Did it mean continuously since then or just daily?

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    NCMEC says the child was left in the care of the babysitter at 4:00 pm on Wednesday the 27th.

    WHY in GODS NAME would you leave your child with a KNOWN METH USER?!?!?!

    NCMEC Amber Alert

    Code Amber

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    Maybe the daddy hired the 15yr old for something other than babtsitting and changed his story when she took off with the kid. I'm sorry, but chronic meth users generally don't look like a healthy, patient, loving caregiver. Plus, they'd have to work a lot longer babysitting to make the $ they need for drugs than they would turning tricks. I hope she doesn't try to sell the child, unless the buyer is an undercover cop (who hasn't killed any baby-mama's lately).Susan

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    He probably didn't know that she was a meth user because he knew nothing about her, period. Who the heck gets a babysitter from Craigslist?

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    He's okay

    SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Authorities have found a 20-month-old boy after issuing an Amber Alert about 12 hours earlier.

    Surprise police spokesman Sgt. Randy Rody said both the boy and his 15-year-old baby sitter are safe and well.

    Rody said authorities found them Thursday in Avondale.



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    Great News

    Thanks for the update Idaho--

    Now I hope eveyone, except little Michael, can get help and sort their problems out!!!!

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    Police said the father, Brett Wolfe, 38, of Surprise, met the babysitter through a Craigslist advertisement he placed looking for a live-in nanny. The child's mother is believed to live in the Philippines. Wolfe told police he was led to believe the nanny was 19, not 15, and she began her babysitting duties Monday.
    Bany-mama lives in the Phillipines, "babysitter" is only 15 but he thought she was 19. Found her online. Uh-huh.

    Me thinks me smells a pervert. I'll bet baby-mama is a very young teenager who "works" for a living.


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