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    IN - Susan Hendricks, 30, & 3 kids brutally murdered, Bloomington, 7 Nov 1983


    The sister of a Bloomington women murdered almost 25 years ago wants police to re-open the case.

    Sitting in front of reporters and Bloomington Police who showed up to listen, Marth Neils blamed her ex-husband, John Lewis, for the murder of her sister Susan Hendricks and Hendricks' three children. Susan's husband David was originally convicted of the 1983 massacre, but in a second trial was acquitted. Neils says she never quit gathering information.
    "I have come to the conclusion that David Hendricks hired my then husband John Lewis to murder his family."

    I hope that they seriously look into this. If the husband was involved he cannot be tried now for it because it would be double jepordy. He was already acquitted. He could walk in and confess and they could do nothing about it.

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    Wow.. I hope they take it seriously too... This poor family deserves some justice!

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    What if her ex did the murders, but was hired by David Hendricks . Could he be charged with solicitation?

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    Yes, I would think it would be a different charge.

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