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    FL - Thomas Pinkum, 7, Parrish, 5 March 2008 - Autistic & Legally Blind


    5 March 08

    Authorities have launched a massive search for a missing 7-year-old autistic, legally blind Parrish boy.

    The boy, identified as Thomas Pinkum, is described as 4 feet tall, weighing 45 to 50 pounds and was wearing a white Palmetto Elementary School T-shirt, said Manatee County Sheriff's Sgt. R. McClain.

    He was last seen at about 4:45 p.m. by his mother, Diane Aubut.

    Aubut said she went to the bathroom and when she came out, the back screen door was open at their home in the 11000 block of 52nd Court East.

    more at link; no pic at link

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    Unhappy Body Found

    Go to the same link.
    After four hours his body was found and recovered from a retention pond behind his home. Poor little angel.

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    Oh my gosh. RIP Thomas.

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    My son has Asperger Syndrome, a high functioning form of autism. This is my nightmare. Try as you might, it is impossible to watch these guys every second of every day. I feel deep sympathy for this family, because it could be anyone. I once woke up in the middle of the night with a sense of something wrong, and my then 8 year old son was climbing on a dresser, with the aim of sleeping on top of the television located on it. He said he was hot, and he thought it would be cooler "up there."

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    Oh, how very sad! My heart aches for the Mother and rest of those who knew and loved him. Poor little guy...

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