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    MS-Unidentified female body: Jackson

    A partially-burnt body of a female was found near an elementary school in Jackson, Mississippi Tuesday afternoon. Black female, 5'2" - 5'6, afro, Tweety Bird tatoo. Age mid-20s to mid-30s.
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    Jackson 03/06/08
    Body of Burned Woman Identified

    Jackson police have identified the woman whose burned body was discovered Wednesday near an elementary school.

    Sargeant Jeffrey Scott says she was 21-year-old Yakini Williams of Jackson. She had been shot four times before her upper body was set on fire.

    Police believe Williams was killed somewhere else and dumped in a ditch along John Hopkins road.
    ackson, MS -- There have been 21 murders in Jackson since January. Seven of those remain unsolved. One of the cases Jackson police are still investigating is the murder of Yakini Williams.

    The body of Williams, 21, was found on March 5 along John Hopkins Avenue. Williams was a mother of one child. Police say her body had been partially burned and then dropped off there.

    "I mean you know she's somebody's child, a young girl, and that she's a mother," Alvin Bracey said.

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