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    PA - Asia Adams, 21, brutally murdered, Germantown, 7 Nov 2004


    Swinging his arm back and forth, a prosecutor yesterday showed a Common Pleas jury how defendant Thomas Strode allegedly killed his girlfriend Asia Adams - a promising 21-year-old West Chester University student - in her Germantown home in 2004.

    Strode and his best friend, Simeon Bozic, took a knife, put it to Adams' neck, and dug into it at least three times, Assistant District Attorney Carlos Vega said in his closing argument at Strode's murder trial.
    "They started back and forth, and back and forth," Vega told the jury, as he swung his arm back and forth.
    "If she's unconscious, she's jerking like crazy," he said. "If she's not unconscious, oh, the pain she must have felt!"
    Strode, 28, of Germantown, also faces charges of arson, robbery, conspiracy and possession of an instrument of crime. After a weeklong trial, the jury is expected to begin deliberations Monday. Authorities contend that sometime on Nov. 7, 2004, Strode and Bozic beat Adams with a shovel, then sliced her throat after forcing her to sit with her bottom half naked in a basement chair of her home on Seymour Street near Pulaski Avenue. (more sadness at link)

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    Southwestern Maine is home but I'm not there nearly often enough
    I thought city authorities in Philly had cleaned up Germantown? Obviously they forgot a few pieces of garbage. Poor girl

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    From February 2014:


    It was in the basement of Harper’s Philadelphia home (she was out of town at the time) where Thomas Strode, who Adams had been dating for four months, and his accomplice, Simeon Bozic, beat Adams with a shovel before cutting her throat several times. A day later, the two would set the house on fire to cover up their crime. They also withdrew money from Adams’ ATM card and went on a shopping spree.

    Thankfully, both Strode and his accomplice were apprehended and later convicted on first degree murder charges and other offenses. They each would be sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. However, Harper, who almost 10 years later still openly grieves the loss of her only child, is not willing to let Adams’ story end there.

    She speaks about Adams everywhere: in high schools; at colleges and universities; at community centers; and even in churches. In spite of how visibly pained she is, Harper tells Adams’ story over and over again in the hopes that it will inspire those in violent dating situations to get out and seek help.

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