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    WA - Gabriel Triplett, 23, Columbia County, 25 Feb 2008


    9 March 08

    Searchers still haven’t located Goble-area resident Gabriel Triplett, but Columbia County Sheriff officials have cleared several areas in Oregon and believe he’s in the Longview/Kelso area.


    Triplett was last seen by his mother Feb. 25. He suffered a brain injury in 2003 which still affects his memory. It’s unclear if Triplett fully understands what he’s doing or realizes that people are worried and searching for him.


    Triplett is 5-foot-7 to 5-foot-8 and about 160 pounds, with blue eyes and dark brown hair. He may have facial hair because his beard grows quickly. Anyone who has spotted him should call the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, (503) 366-4611, local police or volunteer search coordinator Gared Wold at (360) 430-1139.

    more at link


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    13 March 08

    A probable sighting of Gabriel Triplett led Columbia County Sheriff's deputies on another search Sunday, but the missing Goble man continues to elude searchers.

    The new sighting raises the possibility Triplett is being sheltered by local residents, said Columbia County Undersheriff Gerry Simmons.

    Triplett injured his head in a 2003 accident, and it's unclear if he understands what he's doing or that people are looking for him.

    "Somebody saw him walking down one of the roads in the Goble area, or thought they did," Simmons said Wednesday. "We checked it out and were unable to find him."

    Simmons said Sunday's Triplett sighting was "off of Bishop Road, near the creek," where a passerby was "very, very sure it was him walking down the road, picking up cans and bottles."

    Simmons sent a deputy to the area, who found a bag of cans and bottles. The deputy had to respond to another call, but returned 45 minutes later to find the bag gone and "a trail from where the cans were that led down into the woods."

    much more at link

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    Volunteers search for missing man
    Friday, March 7, 2008 5:32 AM PST
    By Leslie Slape
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    RAINIER - Volunteers have been vainly combing the Goble woods for Gabriel Triplett, but they're not ready to give up.

    "We're going to search every day until we hear something," said Gared Wold, 35, of Rainier, who led small search parties Thursday and planned to go out again today.

    "We haven't turned up any new leads or anything of that nature, but we've definitely covered some area," he said. "We're confident we've covered it well enough to move on to a new area."

    His teams have searched the Goble Falls area, where Triplett sometimes went to meditate; the property surrounding the Tripletts' home in Goble; and Neer City Cemetery, where Triplett's sister, Lola, is buried.

    Thursday afternoon Wold planned to search Trojan Park and the roadside from Triplett's home down to Highway 30.

    Triplett, 23, was last seen Feb. 25 at his home in Goble. His mother, Alice Triplett, didn't realize he was missing until the next day. She said it isn't unusual for her son to spend the night in the woods to fast and meditate, but it's not in character for him to be gone more than 24 hours.

    Rainier resident Marie Botchie spent four or five hours Monday searching with her German shepherd, Iris, who has been in training for search and rescue but hasn't been certified. (She and her husband, Mike, weren't available to search Thursday.)

    "Ryan (an employee of theirs) and I searched from their home all the way up Beaver Homes Road," Marie Botchie said. "We went up Nicolai Road. We went past where the accident was (where Lola Triplett died in 2003) and went almost to Goble Falls. We really tried to stay down into the ravine area where the creek was."

    She said they thought he might have fallen into a ravine and couldn't get out.

    Meanwhile, Mike Botchie and his daughter took their four-wheeler up Marcott Road, which ends at Longview Fibre land.

    "We found tracks, footprints, a fresh sandwich bag and fresh candy wrappers," Mike Botchie said. "We followed that trail two miles up until we hit the main logging road," where the road becomes pure rock and the trail disappeared.

    "There's so many roads and spurs off of that, we had no idea which way to go," he said. "We went another four miles on the main logging road all the way to Walker Road and saw no fresh sign of somebody being on there."

    He also checked at Goble Landing, where a clerk remembered Triplett buying snacks with a debit card. The clerk was going to search through receipts to determine what day that was, he said.

    The Botchies turned all their information over to a receptionist at the sheriff's office. They haven't been able to speak directly with a deputy. They'd like to find out why the sheriff's office isn't taking advantage of Vernonia's tracking dog, Krueger.

    His handler, Sgt. Mike Kay, is a friend of theirs. The Vernonia Police Department's Web site said Krueger has assisted with many investigations around the county.

    Alice Triplett said Kay was ready to take Krueger out Monday but he can't work the case on his own volition; the sheriff's office has to request him. She's been pressuring them to ask for Kay, but they haven't returned her calls.

    The sheriff's office has not returned Daily News calls about this case since Monday. However, a receptionist there told a reporter that a search was planned for this weekend.

    Your help is needed:

    To volunteer to assist Gared Wold with searches, call (360) 430-1139.

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    Breaking news: Body found in Goble Falls

    Sunday, April 13, 2008 1:23 PM PDT

    By Leslie Slape

    The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office recovered a body Saturday from Goble Falls, an area that was searched several times during the hunt for Gabriel Triplett, his mother said today.

    There is no public information officer working for the sheriff’s office on Sundays, so The Daily News was unable to learn any official details. The newspaper was also unable to reach anyone from the state medical examiner’s office, which handles death cases in Columbia County.

    However, Triplett’s mother, Alice Triplett, said a deputy came to her Goble home last night and told her an identification would be made Monday.

    At this point, she does not know if the body belongs to her 23-year-old son, Gabe, whom she last saw on Feb. 25.


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    That family is in my prayers. How tragic. Gabe looks like a person people would love to know. Though they don't know if its him yet, I bet the family is going through H---. I really feel for them.

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    Missing Oregon man found dead in creek

    A body recovered from a creek in southwest Washington has been identified through dental records.

    The Columbia County sheriff's office says Gabriel Triplett was 23 and from Rainier, Oregon. He was reported missing February 28, last seen in Longview.

    Authorities say an autopsy showed no sign of trauma.


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    Oh how sad. So, does this mean that all the sightings of him were wrong, or did he just recently die? Prayers for his family and friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tranaice View Post
    Oh how sad. So, does this mean that all the sightings of him were wrong, or did he just recently die? Prayers for his family and friends.

    I dont know but they had to use dental records to identify him. So sad!

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