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    SC - Hidden Camera Catches Nanny Shaking 5 Month Old

    A hidden camera caught a nanny shaking a crying five-month-old baby girl several times before smothering the child to keep her quiet.
    Cheryl White, 60, is charged with unlawful neglect of a child or helpless person by legal custodian and assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature.
    The baby's family gave the video to the news media on Thursday, which prompted charges against White.
    Wesley Locklair, the baby's father, said he set up the camera in his South Carolina home after seeing a media report about nanny abuse.
    His wife watched some of the video that shows White shaking the baby and called Locklair screaming, "She's shaking my baby, she's shaking my baby!" Locklair told News13.
    Locklair said White's references checked out and she passed a criminal background check. more: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,338131,00.html

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    I can't find a link to the video that was turned over to the media?

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    The father of the 5 month old was on Nancy grace last night. And they ran the video too. It was very disturbing! I can't imagine being the mother of this baby and seeing that!

    That old woman looked like she hated this poor little baby! She was shown violently shaking her, and then throwing her down on a loveseat! It made me physically ill to watch!
    I pray the baby girl is ok, and that this hateful, crazy old witch is prosecuted to the fullest!

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    God was watching over this baby and family. Parents had the good sense to install hidden camera after seeing report on nanny abuse. I wish all parents of infants and small children would do like wise. I pray this baby is alright and didn't suffer any permanent damage, does anyone know how she's doing? Hope they throw the book at this woman.

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    I hope this is good tape as opposed to the one a while back that was in one second frames or something. In that case the nature of the tape made it look like she was jerking the baby and throwing her down but the reality was that the tape was in a herky jerky sequence and the nanny was treating the baby carefully. It was a horrible story and this poor nanny was accused of things she didn't do because on the tape it looked like she did. Ever since that case I question these tapes.
    Assuming that it was a real time good quality video this is just a nightmare. but before I would be compelled to install a nanny cam I would stay home.
    Poor baby.

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