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    Norway - John McLaughlin, 52, Oslo, March 2008


    American tourist reported missing

    Police in Oslo are asking for tips from the public after a middle-aged American tourist failed to return to the US after an extensive trip to Norway............................SNIP

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    18 March 08

    This isn’t the first time John McLaughlin’s been lost in the frozen north.

    On his first trip to Norway, maybe 10 years ago, the Telluride caretaker and adventurer set off on a day trip to cross country ski the twisting trails of the backcountry.

    But somewhere along the way, the markers disappeared, and he lost the route. With no cell phone — he’s never used one — he had no way to get help. And with all of his equipment back at his hotel, he had no sleeping bag, tent, warm clothes, or food. But he dug a snowcave and holed up. For three days, he downed what little food and water he had and stayed alive.

    When he didn’t return, the hotel he was staying in called the authorities, and they sent out the cavalry: search teams and helicopters. But they couldn’t find him.

    Now that he’s missing again — nobody has heard from him since he sent a batch of postcards from Lillehammer more than a month ago, and he missed his flight home Friday — his brother Tim remembers that story.

    “Hopefully he didn’t do anything like that this time around,” said Tim from his home in Cazenovia, N.Y.

    But there’s also hope in that story. It wasn’t the authorities who found McLaughlin. He rescued himself. He stumbled out of the woods and found a nearby farmhouse, where he used his self-taught Norwegian language skills to get help.

    “He keeps his cool,” said Tim. “He and I have done enough backpacking, and in every situation where there was a problem he was very calm.”

    McLaughlin went back to Norway for the third time in late January to continue his incredibly ambitious plan to ski the length of Norway (which is roughly the equivalent of skiing from here to Calgary), and got lost again, and the cavalry’s back out.

    The Oslo police are combing the route he was supposed to take through Norway, and his Telluride friends went through his apartment looking for clues as to where McLaughlin has disappeared to.

    An article about McLaughlin appeared in Norway’s second biggest paper, Aftenposten, yesterday, and his picture has been flashed on the national TV news.

    more at link

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    Found deceased


    11 Sept 2008

    John McLaughlin’s third trip to Norway turned out to be his last.

    He loved that rocky, icy country, and skied it twice before. In January he set out to ski it, more or less, from the bottom to the top.

    He never made it.

    Oslo police confirmed Thursday that a body found in the north central park of the country belongs to Telluride’s McLaughlin, who was 53.

    more at link....fascinating story

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