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    CA - Curtis Huntzinger, 14, Blue Lake, 19 May 1990

    Missing Since: May 19, 1990 from Blue Lake, California
    Classification: Non-Family Abduction
    Date Of Birth: August 23, 1975
    Age: 14 years old
    Height and Weight: 5'2, 110 pounds
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian male. Brown hair, hazel eyes. Huntzinger has a large scar on his right leg. He is of Native American descent.
    Clothing/Jewelry Description: A black jacket, blue jeans and tennis shoes.

    Details of Disappearance

    Huntzinger was last seen at his sister's home at approximately 7:00 a.m. on May 19, 1990 in Blue Lake, California. He has never been heard from again.

    Authorities searched the home of the Huntzingers' family friend, Steven Danny Hash, shortly after the disappearance. Days before he vanished, Huntzinger told his mother that Hash had sexually assaulted him. Hash lived only blocks away from the family's home at the time. He has not been charged in connection with Huntzinger's case.

    Another lead being investigated in this disappearance involves Thomas Michael Fox, an inmate at San Quentin State Prison who is serving a life sentence for the murder of another young boy in California named Danny Williams. Fox claimed that he shot Huntzinger to death in 1990. Authorities are investigating a possible connection between the two cases; the general theory is that both Huntzinger and Williams may have been the victims of a child pornography ring.

    Huntzinger has thirteen siblings. He was a freshman at Arcata High School in 1990. His mother stated that he got into some trouble at school but it was nothing serious. She believes he is deceased.

    Some agencies classify Huntzinger's case as that of a runaway.

    Investigating Agency
    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    Blue Lake Police Department


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    Arrest made in Huntzinger cold case
    The Times-Standard
    Posted: 12/04/2008 04:57:39 PM PST

    The Humboldt County District Attorney's Office has arrested a former Blue Lake resident on suspicion of voluntary manslaughter in connection with the 18-year-old disappearance and death of Curtis Huntzinger.

    Authorities arrested 53-year-old Stephen Daniel Hash on Wednesday. Hash, who is listed as living in Sebastopol, was a friend of the Huntzinger family when he lived in Blue Lake.

    An Arcata High School student, the 14-year-old Huntzinger went missing the morning of May 19, 1990. Days before, Huntzinger told his mother that Hash had sexually molested him.

    Nine years later, a San Quentin State Prison inmate, Thomas Michael Fox, claimed he'd shot and killed the boy at Hash's home in 1990. Blue Lake police at the time said they believed that Huntzinger and Fox's other murder victim, Daniel Williams, may have been used in a child pornography ring. Officials searched Hash's home after Fox's statements, but made no arrests.

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    Sebastopol man arrested in Huntzinger cold case
    Thadeus Greenson/The Times-Standard
    Posted: 12/05/2008 01:27:20 AM PST

    Click photo to enlarge«1»
    Eighteen years after 14-year-old Blue Lake resident Curtis Huntzinger went missing, an arrest has been made in connection with his death.

    The Humboldt County District Attorney's Office arrested former Blue Lake resident Stephen Daniel Hash, 53, Wednesday on suspicion of voluntary manslaughter. Hash was reportedly living in Sebastopol.

    ”Mr. Hash gave us a complete confession,” District Attorney Paul Gallegos said Thursday night. “He's been very cooperative and very helpful, and we're very grateful to him for doing that.”

    An Arcata High School student, the 14-year-old Huntzinger went missing the morning of May 19, 1990, after last being seen at his sister's home. Days before, Huntzinger reportedly told his mother, Nancy Huntzinger, that Hash, a family acquaintance who lived nearby, had molested him.

    Curtis Huntzinger's disappearance captivated the attention of the county and over the next 18 years would occasionally capture front-page newspaper coverage as new leads popped up in the case.
    more at link...

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    Hash pleads guilty to manslaughter
    Sean Garmire/The Times-Standard
    Posted: 12/06/2008 01:27:17 AM PST

    Click photo to enlarge«1»Nancy Huntzinger sat with her family in a Humboldt County courtroom on Friday, and watched as Stephen Daniel Hash, wearing shackles and an orange jail jumpsuit, pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of her teenage son 18 years ago.

    Judge Bruce Watson declined the plea, and advised Hash to speak with an attorney to discuss the ramifications of such an admission. The court then entered a plea of not guilty on Hash's behalf.

    That move was anticipated by prosecuting Assistant District Attorney Wes Keat, who said it is typical for a judge to direct a defendant to speak with counsel before issuing a plea in a manslaughter case.

    ”It's a reasonable step and it's what I expected,” Keat said. “That doesn't mean it's going to be the result.”

    Hash will wait in the Humboldt County jail for his next court appearance, scheduled for Dec. 10.

    District Attorney Paul Gallegos said after the 53-year-old Hash was arrested Wednesday, he has been completely cooperative with investigators and has “expressed a great deal of remorse” for the murder of 14-year-old Curtis Huntzinger, who disappeared in May 1990.

    His “absolute” cooperation is what led the District Attorney's Office to charge Hash with voluntary manslaughter with a deadly weapon, rather than murder, Gallegos said.
    more at link...

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    Missing teen's remains found after 18 years

    The remains of Curtis Huntzinger, a 14-year-old teen missing since 1990, were unearthed Monday night from a shallow grave on the outskirts of Blue Lake, just off the old State Route 299.

    The discovery came less than a week after Humboldt County District Attorney investigators arrested 53-year-old Blue Lake resident Stephen Daniel Hash on suspicion of voluntary manslaughter in connection with Huntzinger's death. At his Dec. 5 arraignment, Hash admitted guilt before a judge and the Huntzinger family.


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    May Curtis finally rest in peace and his family be comforted.

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    Eureka Man Sentenced In 19-Year Cold Case

    A North Coast man has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for murdering a teenage boy who went missing in 1990.

    Stephen Daniel Hash, 53, pleaded guilty Friday to manslaughter in the death of Curtis Huntzinger.


    “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr.

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    Timeline for Curtis H. case.

    May 15, 2009 -- A burial is planned for Curtis Huntzinger.

    May 19, 2009 -- A memorial service, open to the community, is planned to celebrate the life of Curtis Huntzinger.
    "Three things in human life are important: The first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind." ~ Henry James

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    Quote Originally Posted by MagicRose99 View Post
    A North Coast man has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for murdering a teenage boy who went missing in 1990.

    Stephen Daniel Hash, 53, pleaded guilty Friday to manslaughter in the death of Curtis Huntzinger.

    Eleven years? That's it????

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizzybeth View Post
    Eleven years? That's it????
    "The opinion prevailed among advanced minds that it was time that belief should be replaced increasingly by knowledge; belief that did not itself rest on knowledge was superstition, and as such had to be opposed." - Albert Einstein

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    The law makes no sense to me. Manslaughter is like killing someone in the heat of passion, right? So something happens to provoke the killer to kill. But this murder happened between a man and a child. What was the passion? Curtis had threatened to tell about the molestation? It angered Hash, so Hash killed the boy and hid his body? So basically Hash got away with it. I think it's sick.

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    if i were this poor boy's family, i would not be happy right now!! of course, it is good that he FINALLY admitted to what he did and led them to the body, but they suspected him all along and he wasn't able to be caught until now. that would kill me, pretty much KNOWING (or at least having a very good idea) who killed your child and then once he's finally caught he gets this light sentence. for eff sake, he murdered a CHILD.....

    at least they can give him a proper burial, but geez, this makes me sooo mad.

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