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    CO - Names of 1,282 cold case homicides released

    The identities of hundreds of murder victims will be made public for the first time Wednesday in an unprecedented effort to help solve cold case homicides in Colorado.

    The list includes the names and faces of 1,282 cold case homicide victims in Colorado. There will also be information about how and when they died.


    Website - Families of victims of homicide and missing persons.

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    Opening the Cold Case files...

    Hopefully this will help solve some of these long cold cases. Perhaps other states will follow suit and release their unsolved cases as well.

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    This is a tremendous example of synchronicity. Just last week, I was trying to find a database listing unsolved cold-case murders in Colorado, only to be frustrated by its non-existence. I guess good things come to those who wait...
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    Here is the list


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    It's about time. My cousin Jakeob McKnight is on the list.I started a thread in Cold Cases.
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