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    Outsourced passports risk national security

    I'm shocked at the idea a country would outsource passports!

    The United States has outsourced the manufacturing of its electronic passports to overseas companies including one in Thailand that was victimized by Chinese espionage raising concerns that cost savings are being put ahead of national security, an investigation by The Washington Times has found.

    More: http://www.washingtontimes.com/apps/...840186493/1001

    This is the first in a three-part series on the outsourcing of passports.

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    What in the world are the people in Washington thinking..or better yet, are they even thinking? This is just incredible, that the government would outsource work to begin with that American companies can do. Here we are in a reccession lets give work to another country..come on now.

    Secondly, who was thinking when they decided that something like passports should be outsourced? They need to be fired for being downright stupid. I think a third grader could tell you after 9/11 that was a stupid decision.

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    I keep thinking one day I am going to wake up and be told sorry we just don't need you anymore we have decided to outsource your life.

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