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    Idiot leaves drugs in donut box, cops open it up

    BUFFALO, N.Y. - A Buffalo man is accused of picking what may be the worst possible place to stash some drugs while police were looking on.
    Two Buffalo police officers were checking out drug activity in a neighborhood late Monday night when they spotted Bernard Fincher Jr., 25, walk up to a doughnut box, pick up a white object and place it in his pocket.

    Police told The Buffalo News that Fincher walked away, then went back and placed a white object back in the box. The officers moved in and checked out the carton, which was empty of doughnuts but contained some crack cocaine.

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    bahahahahahaha ... what idiot would think a DONUT box is a safe hiding place from POLICE Officers!

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    If that happened in a TV show, we'd all think it was lame, with the cop/donut thing. Hilarious!
    Just thinkin' out loud....

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    Can we please get a little smiley that has one hand on his head and is shaking his head? Or one where he has his little head in his hands just shaking it? Either one would apply to so many things on here.

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    When I started reading I was thinking it was going to say they were all in Dunkin Donuts. The ol' cops and donuts like HipMama said. What a stooge. He could have used a wheel well or a trash can or something. Serves him right.

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