A member invited me to come over and post a frozen cold case, I have been investigating and researching for 2 years. In fact, I have just had a book published on it, not one to come right out plugging a book, I want to get the story out there first.
In 1898 Bucksport, Maine a 52 year old woman was returning home one Saturday night, from visiting a friend. A reporter of the day, said she simply walked off into the swirling mist of the on-coming night, never to be seen alive again.
She was found 2 weeks later, abandoned in a pasture near her home. When they picked her up to place in a casket her head fell off.
The town, state and most of New England was in an uproar, all wanted to know who killed Sarah Ware. The trial was held 4 years later, on a suspect, that had in his possession a bloody hammer with his intials on it.
My book goes into detail, using the Coroner's Inquest, news articles and witness testimonies of the day.
I have posted the facts on my website as well, including photos, videos, locations, amazon ordering link. The website is Maine Supernatural and can be found at http://mysite.verizon.net/vzeqnk8x