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    LA - Eleven Year Old Drives 100 Miles An Hour

    Louisianna LE went on a high speed car chase after an automobile was spotted going at least 100 miles an hour. Police didn't realize it was a young boy driving until he bailed at a Burger King and yelled for his mother. The most unbelievable part of this is the kid was permitted to drive the car to take his disabled dad places. Honestly I have empathy for somebody needing to get a loved one places, but it's fortunate this boy hasn't killed someone including himself.http://cbs13.com/carchases/boy.11.burger.2.486301.html

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    From reading the article he was "allowed" to use the car by his family, not by the state of Louisiana. I know some states give hardship licenses to children before the general legal age, but I can't believe that he was "permitted" by the state at only 11 years old.

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