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    NY - Housekeeper Saves Newborn from toilet in NYC hotel


    These types of stories are becoming more and more common also.
    Why can't these women just give their babies up for adoption, there are plenty of childless couples that would love to adopt one of these newborns. The article says the mother was one of the housekeepers, so I assume she was old enough to know better. As in not a 14 yr old in a panic over the pregnancy.

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    Crazy, isn't it?

    glad the baby was rescued and i hope there is no lasting damage healthwise.

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    Women constantly come across signs telling them not to flush sanitary napkins down the toilet because they will stop up the system. What makes them think a baby is small enough to flush? Freaks.
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    Well, being that she was a housekeeper, my first thought is her intention was to just kill the baby and maybe it would be blamed on the guest who had stayed there. Still unbelievable.

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