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    NY - 2 Moms Arrested After One Leaves Baby With Teen Sitter For One Week

    YONKERS, N.Y. Police say a 6-year-old girl was left with a 14-year-old baby sitter for more than a week, and when both girls disappeared, no one called the police.
    The girls were found early Tuesday, and both their mothers have been charged with endangering children.
    No lawyers' names were listed at the court before their arraignment.
    Police say the case began March 31 when 47-year-old Phyllis Williams of Yonkers left her daughter with the 14-year-old so she could attend to personal matters. On Friday, she told the baby-sitter's mother, 44-year-old Tammy Edwards, that the teenager had not returned the child.
    more: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,348210,00.html

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    ill be glad when 'the rest of the story' comes out.

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    Did the girl just run off to hang out with friends, and took her charge with her? Why didn't the babysitter's mother know where she was?! Better, why the heck didn't the babysitter's mother report that the child's mother had abandoned them? Was the girl trying to take off with the child, figuring the mother didn't want it? What a mess, I pray both of them get the help and nurturing they need!

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    The fourteen year old is a runaway, and suicidal. She sent the little one into the police station with a suicide note. Good lookout on super momster leaving her six year old with a fourteen year old let alone one that's a runaway and suicidal. Hopefully they can get some help for this child.http://lohud.com/apps/pbcs.dll/artic...1/-1/newsfront

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