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    PA - Margaret 'Peggy' Reber, 14, Lebanon, 25 May 1968

    Her vicious torture and murder remain unsolved.


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    Amazon.com: Justice Denied: The Unsolved Murder of Peggy Reber (9781475246452): Michelle Gooden: Books@@AMEPARAM@@http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41pD8CdhLSL.@@AMEPARAM@@41pD8CdhLSL

    Justice Denied: The Unsolved Murder of Peggy Reber.

    ''Fourteen-year-old Peggy Reber looked evil directly in the eye and then the demon beat her, strangled her and mutilated her with a 5-foot hunting bow. When he was done with his sadistic frenzy he threw her body on the floor of her bedroom and he simply walked away''

    ''How could detectives overlook two men that obviously had keys to the apartment where Peggy was savagely murdered? Could it be that one was a local attorney?''
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    There's another story (long) on the case, also from Philadelphia Weekly, from earlier in the same year (2008) as the one linked to start this thread. (Actually, you can link to it from that page, but it could be easy to miss -- so posting its own link here, for those who want to read up on this one.)

    Awful, awful crime!

    Death in the House of Broken Hearts
    A small Pennsylvania town revisits the grisly four-decade-old torture and slaying case of a teenage girl.

    ...But the person on the floor turned out to be Reber's 14-year-old daughter Peggy. The girl had been beaten and viciously bitten on her upper body. She'd been strangled with either an electrical cord or a scarf (depending on whom you asked afterward), sodomized with a mop handle or a jar (again, depending), and sexually assaulted with an archer's bow, the pointy tip of which came to protrude from her upper chest. ...

    Cliff Roland ... chief of detectives with the Lebanon Police Department in 1968, investigated...Peggy Reber's murder....

    Now 89, Roland...remains particularly sickened and angered by what was done to Peggy Reber.

    "I had never, ever seen anything like it in my life," says Roland, a World War II vet who was at Good Samaritan Hospital 40 years ago when Peggy's mutilated body was autopsied.

    "It was so horrendous ... I can't tell you about it," he says, his voice shaking....

    Within two days of finding Peggy Reber's body, Roland had eight suspects. Within a week, nearly double that number. ...

    read more at: http://www.philadelphiaweekly.com/ne.../38464204.html
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    One of the worst cases I have ever heard of. Here is another article:

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