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    Tracy Kundinger Murder

    Person of Interest: Raymond Wallace

    March 29, 1978 - The Liberal

    Thornhill residents relieved over rape arrest

    Metro Police have arrested and charged a man with rape and attempted rape and York Regional Police have reason to believe he is the same man wanted in connection with similar crimes in the Don Mills - Steeles Avenue East, area.

    Detective Sergeant Robert Wilson, in charge of the York Region investigation, said if and when the accused man is released by Toronto police, he will face charges resulting from a rash of incidents not far from Markham Place Mall, Thornhill, including three counts of abduction, one count of rape, two counts of attempted rape and two counts of indecent assault.

    Murray MacDonald, manager of the shopping centre, said he is relieved the situation is now under control, especially for the sake of female employees.

    Noting there was constant surveillance of the community around the mall, he felt thanks to York Region Police for their efforts were in order.

    Detective Sergeant Wilson said the charges of abduction arose when a man (on three occasions) grabbed women by the arm at knifepoint and led them to secluded areas of the neighborhood.

    Twice, victims were able to escape but another was taken to a vacant townhouse and raped.

    "Our charges are different from those Metro laid in connection with incidents in Scarborough. Those acts happened inside cars but the ones up here included taking the victims from one place to another - that's abduction," said the Detective Sergeant.

    Charged with rape and attempted rape by Metropolitan Toronto Police is Raymond Wallace, 31, of Brookbanks Road in Don Mills.

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    Tracy Kundinger Murder

    Person of Interest: Philip Young

    February 2, 1980 - Toronto Star

    Man jailed for trying to force woman into car

    A man who tried to force a woman into his car at knife point has been sentenced to six months and placed on two years' probation.

    Philip Young, 25, of Summerhill Rd. pleaded guilty earlier to a charge of assault with intent to commit an indictable offence and was sentenced yesterday by County Court Judge William Rogers.

    Crown attorney Steve Howarth told the court people like Young threaten to ruin Metro's reputation for being a city with safe streets.

    According to a police synopsis, a 25-year-old woman was walking home from a bus stop in the Don Mills Rd. and Lawrence Ave. E., area about 2:30 a.m. last February 10.

    She refused to Young's invitation to give her a ride in his car and moments later he got out, grabbed her and produced a butter knife.

    He held the knife first against her stomach and then near her throat as her ordered her to get into his car.

    The woman dropped her briefcase and purse, ran into the middle of the road and flagged down a passing car.

    At this point, Young handed her the purse and briefcase and told her he never had a knife. He got into his car and drove off.

    The woman, "crying and shaking," got into the passerby's car and they followed Young and then went to a police station.

    When police arrested him, Young said he had been drinking.

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    Tracy Kundinger Murder

    Person of Interest: Michael Kloc

    July 17, 1974 - The Liberal

    Thornhill Girl, 18, Escapes Midnight Roadside Attacker

    An 18-year-old Thornhill girl motorist was stopped and dragged into a field in Markham near Buttonville at 11:15 pm by a would-be rapist. But she escaped serious harm when another came by and the youthful attacker fled in his (the attacker's) vehicle, police say.

    Later, following an investigation, York Regional Police Detective Sergeant John Mocrhead and Detective Dick Witteman arrested a 16-year-old youth at an office at 2205 Midland Avenue, Toronto.

    Held in custody for a bail hearing at Richmond Hill Court was Michael Kloc of 162 Bayview Fairways Drive, Thornhill. Police said Kloc was already out on bail and facing a May charge of rape in a Metro court. YRP charged Kloc with attempted rape and with impersonating a police officer.

    The lone girl motorist told YRP her attacker followed her in a vehicle, pulled her over and stopped her, saying he was a police office. When he got her out of her car he pulled her into the field on Concession 5 road north of Highway 7.

    He was struggling with her on the ground when the other motorist came along and frightened the attacker away. The girl fortunately suffered nothing more than minor abrasions, said police, who declined to reveal her name.

    At a bail hearing, Provincial Judge Russell Pearce issued a detention order for Kloc until trial, ordering that the youth be brought back to the court from Don Jail weekly. A late August trial date was expected.

    Note: Kloc was likely in jail at the time of Tracy's murder, but clearly as shown with him out already on bail while committing this crime, anything is possible in Canada's lax justice system. He can't be discounted until his whereabouts at the time nearly one year to the day later are confirmed. I haven't been able to find any further information on Kloc as of yet.

    Kloc lived just over 1 km from Tracy and quite possible went to school or at least knew Tracy.

    Below is a link to a Google Maps showing the locations of Tracy's murder and numerous sexual assaults and rapes in the vicinity from 1970-1980.


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