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    Sex Crazed Turkeys vs. Mail Carriers

    .... and the turkeys are winning


    A mob of sex-crazed wild turkeys in Madison, Wis., has been stalking and attacking a group of U.S. postal workers.

    This is real. If you live in Madison, take precautions.

    What really must be horrifying is that quiet moment, just before they attack. They peer out behind some shrubbery, their long necks craning, their turkey eyes fixing on non-suspecting human calves of mail carriers, and decide to either mate with, or kill those calves, or both.

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    Being a mail carrier is hazardous. Seriously. Every single day they are up against something. Now they have to worry about turkeys. I know a mail carrier who was approached by people on a block asking them to call LE. Comes to pass there was an infant crying for days on end. Turns out it was a baby goat hung upside down from the kitchen ceiling with a dude standing guard. Upside down because he was trying to get ll the blood to the head of the goat to prepare it for slaughter. Seems in other cultures you kill your own goat to eat. Needless to say LE was not amused and cut the poor thing down. The guy got arrested because he freaked out on LE for taking his goat. The cops pointed out there were several butchers in the area who would have gladly slaughtered the goat in a "humane" way.

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