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    MD - McDonald's Employee Stabbed By Co-worker

    Jonathan Hebron aged 24 was having problems with co-wokrers at the Baltimore McD's he had worked at for three weeks. Two of his fellow employee's are now arrested on attempted murder charges. Jonathan called 911 himself and then called his mother saying "Mom they are stabbing me". When police arrived one employee actually tried hiding another. Hebron's family also believes there is more to the story because he has bruises on his chest as if someone was holding him down. Hebron is in grave condition when the article was published.http://www.abc2news.com/mostpopular/...0-cb475c5eafe7

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    Ohhh, this makes me mad!

    Violence in the workplace is a serious issue and the threatening employees should have been fired when the harassment started. I believe the manager is liable to some degree for failing to protect the employee when he knew there was an issue.

    Ohhh, I'm mad.

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    "“He has bruises on his chest where you can tell there are fingerprints like someone was holding him down and nobody's talking and the manager says he doesn’t know what happened. There had to be someone who knew something," she said. "

    That manager is very cowardly for not dealing with employees who are practicing such behavior. Perhaps the manager; if not scared, was in on it.
    I avoid McDonald's at all cost, as the food is horrible and the employees are mostly rude.

    Here is a link to a different McDonald's and a fatal stabbing (not to be confused with this case; yet both are in Baltimore and involve a stabbing)
    "BALTIMORE -- Baltimore city police are investigating a fatal stabbing in Baltimore.Police were called to the McDonald’s at 31 S. Calvert St. around 10:45 a.m. Thursday after hearing reports of a serious cutting. Upon arrival, officials found a white man who had been stabbed inside the restaurant."

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