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    OH - Dennis Lewis, 17, Columbus, 18 Jan 2008


    I haven't heard this story before, it says it happened in January and I found no other thread for it. It is a sad story. Both brothers seem to be high achievers in school. Just on the story alone it doesn't seem like the one brother would be capable of it. This must be very hard on the family.

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    Sad case, wonder what kind of skilled detectives they have working this case?

    Sounds rather like just a 'hit' case for some reason other than a robbery motive, since it 'appears' that nothing of value seemed to be taken. Perhaps there was something taken that mom was not aware of.

    Wonder where the palm print was 'in the room'?

    Sad sad sad.

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    From February 2010:


    After Columbus city officials acknowledged that Derris Lewis was wrongfully arrested for killing his twin brother Dennis, the young man told reporters shortly after his release from jail that he wasn’t surprised he was freed. “I knew I was going to be free, just didn’t know when,” Derris said...

    Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman instructed city attorneys to begin settlement discussions with Lewis and his attorneys to bring the matter to a negotiated close. That negotiation has ended with Derris and his attorneys agreeing to a $950,000 settlement...

    Public Safety Director Mitchell J. Brown apologized for the police gaffe that unlawfully tormented Derris in jail for 18 months.
    From January 2013:


    Columbus Police Detectives arrested Derris for the murder after the department improperly analyzed a bloody palm print. After serving a year and a half in jail and suffering through a trial, police finally realized they had the wrong man and let Derris go...

    Nemann got Derris out of jail, and he has always believed that Derris’ cousin, Joey Westbrook, may have indirectly triggered the murder. When Westrbook moved into the house, Derris moved out. Later, police arrested Westbrook on drug charges in Portsmouth. Nemann said within a day of the arrest, the robbers hit the Lewis house.

    “Word got up from Portsmouth, perhaps, that he'd been arrested and some young men decided they were going to do what's called a ‘lick,’ a home invasion, robbery; very common these days,” said Nemann.

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