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    LA - Wes Benford, 22, Leesville, 24 March 2008

    From Nancy Grace transcript:

    Everyone, to tonight`s case alert. Very important. The search for an Auburn University, Alabama student who vanishes into thin air.

    22-year-old Wes Benford. Please take a look. Last seen March 24 after a spring break trip, Leesville, Louisiana.

    He was driving a 2001 maroon Ford F-150 Georgia tag, B, brother, Q1A, alpha, H, happy, E, Easter. Benford is 5`10", 170 pounds, light brown here and brown eyes.

    Please help. If you got info, call (INAUDIBLE), Louisiana, 337-238-1311.


    I did a google search to try to find a picture of Wes but I can't find anything other than sports mentions.

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    There's a photo on this post for help
    Looking for some forum assistance...

    This is one of my good friends little brother. He has been missing for a while now and if ya'll could copy and paste the link and email it out I would GREATLY be in your debt. They are friends of mine and my family and their son has been putting them through a great deal of anguish by not knowing where he is.

    Here is the story as far as I know: Left for Spring Break in Panama City and he didnt come home that following Easter Weekend. About a week later, they tracked him to somewhere in Texas at a hotel through credit\debit card transactions. They called the hotel front desk and emailed the receptionist at the front desk his picture and she confirmed his ID and that he was alone and OK. He was stopped by a attentive DNR officer in Louisiana and made him call his parents. He did so saying he would be home in a day and would call when he stopped for the night. He never did, and hasnt used a CC since. Thats been almost 3 weeks ago. No one knows what is going on and why he is on the run. Having known them since I was little, I feel for his parents and family because they couldnt be any nicer people. I pray that he realizes what he is putting his family through. Last night their case aired on NANCY GRACE, and now im hoping that this medium will help in their search. As far as I know, the roommates and friends are no help. I appreciate your efforts. Thanks in advance.

    Name: Wesley Reynolds Benford (Wes)
    Age: 22
    Height: 5’10”
    Weight: 170
    Hair Color: light brown
    Eye Color: brown
    School: Auburn University
    Last Seen: March 24, 2008 in Leesville, Louisiana (near TX state line)
    Driving: 2001 Maroon Ford F-150, four door, King Ranch edition
    Tag: BQ1AHE (Georgia Wildlife edition)

    PM me for contact info for the Benfords. Thanks.

    Wes is on the right.

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    What town was the hotel in? Does he have a g/friend? Has he done anything like this before?

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    Yikes, I live in the immediate Auburn area and have not heard anything about this. I have a little brother at Auburn in a fraternity. I wonder if this guy was in a frat and if so, which one? I will email my brother and see if he knows him.

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    Since i live in Auburn, I suddenly (out of nowhere) started thinking "What ever happened with Wes, the Student missing" and I went to search...

    OF COURSE I came across our wonderful board here, but I also found an update on him and wanted to share since we didnt have any information on here...



    Benford was a college student at Auburn. His parents had been out of contact with him since early March.

    Back on March 24th, a wildlife and fisheries agent recognized the young man’s vehicle and spoke with him in Leesville.

    Wesley Benford told officers he was returning home-- but he didn’t do that.

    Moments before our 5 o’clock broadcast started, we learned that Benford lit a grill in the cab of his pickup truck and inhaled the smoke-- taking his own life.

    Law enforcement officials say the young man had no known connection to Newton County Texas. They say they found a suicide note in the vehicle.

    Thoughts and prayers with his family!

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    Awwww how sad.

    A quote spray painted on the wall by search
    and rescue workers, Team 5, at the OKC Bombing site 4-19-1995.

    What I post are my opinions only.

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    It really is. Breaks my heart that people in this world are in that much pain...

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