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    UID article

    I came across this article while searching for something else. It's a great article that speaks about the army of volunteers who work to give all the "does" out there real names. Enjoy!

    Four days a week, Todd Matthews earns $11.50 (¤7) an hour working for an automotive parts supplier. After work he drives half a mile (a kilometer) to his little beige house on a hill where he spends the next seven hours immersed in a very different world. The faces seem to float from his computer _ morgue photographs, artist sketches, forensic reconstructions _ thousands of dead eyes staring from Web sites as though crying out for recognition. John and Jane and Baby «Does» whose bodies have never been identified. His wife, Lori, complains that Matthews, 37, spends more time with the dead than he does with the living. You need a hobby, she says, or a goal. I have a goal, he replies, though he describes it as a «calling». He wants to give «Does» back their names.
    His obsession began two decades ago, when Lori told him about the unidentified young woman wrapped in canvas whose body Lori's father had stumbled on in Georgetown, Kentucky, in 1968. She had reddish brown hair and a gap-toothed smile. Locals named her Tent Girl.

    rest of article at link: http://www.pr-inside.com/far-flung-n...es-r509501.htm

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    It's a bit romanticized though. It's not as pretty lol.

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    True, it is pretty pie-in-the-sky, and hopeful, but maybe it would inspire someone to check out the doenetwork who hadn't been there before. I just like the happy endings myself. Unfortunately by virtue of the fact that they are UID's in the first place, making a match is pretty bittersweet.

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    That's the article that lead me here.

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    I meant the DN isn't as pretty lol. That always frustrates me to get so many people who do nothing get the credit for my work really. You wouldn't believe how many of their site updates come from me and these people decreted I was useless to their org. But well not gonna say more here. And all aren't like that. Todd is someone very nice and dedicated and the webmaster and her assistant are great.

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    I love working in that field otherwhise. I just wish I could do more concreet stuff like helping id someone. But it's hard. I've had many matches right but most often someone else found it before me. I haven't made one for long now. The last was Courtney Bowser and LE had already found it alone. Poor little Courtney. Her parents are raising money to be able to claim her body. I hope they get enough. She was just 14.

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