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    FL - Woman Shot Between the Eyes and Survives


    The only thing I can imagine is that the bullet was a Hollow Point, which fragments on impact. It hit the windshield, split and struck her head. However, even that SHOULD have killed her.

    That's gotta be God's way of saying "Wait a minute, I'm not done with you yet..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by XcomSquaddie View Post

    That's gotta be God's way of saying "Wait a minute, I'm not done with you yet..."
    No doubt!! How incredible she survived!! From your link,
    Doctors think she was hit with a .44-caliber bullet that broke in two pieces, each traveling under her skin and exiting behind her ears.

    She was released from the hospital hours later with just stitches.
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    Whoa. Amazing. Somebody sure was looking out for this woman.

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    You just KNOW someone in her family is telling her they always knew she was hard-headed!

    So who would be shooting a gun like that? Was it personal? Random?

    That is a miracle. Wow.

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    "The woman said two cars started following their truck and the occupants began yelling at them.

    At a traffic light, someone in one of the cars stood up in the sunroof and started shooting back at the truck.

    Part of the bullet that hit the woman exited her head, went through the back window of the truck and hit a Jeep driving behind it."


    Her guardian angel was certainly on duty that day! It's a miracle she survived and was only in the hospital a few hours!

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