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    CA - Mayor, wife get jail in theft of $20K from little league

    A former mayor of a California high desert town and his wife have been sentenced to 6 months in jail for the theft of more than $20,000 from Little League coffers.

    Jim Nehmens, 50, and Kelly Nehmens, 44, pleaded guilty to grand theft by embezzlement and perjury Thursday.

    The former mayor was president of the Adelanto Little League, and his wife was a board member during the years the money from the league's annual fireworks sales went missing. The money was taken over three years starting in 2004.

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    What?! A MAYOR!!!???!! What is wrong with people?!

    Supposedly the people in charge of our team's uniform purchases didn't pay the total due and now they won't let our team play in the same league as last year (which was a good one). I don't know the whole story, but we had plenty of fundraisers and it's BS that there wasn't enough money to pay for the uniforms.

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    We just had opening day for my sons little league and the Mayor spoke. I feel like this is so hateful. A lot of the parents scrape the money to put their kids in this for someone to pocket it that already has money and it makes me sick.

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