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Thread: FL - Port Orange - Bones in Oceanfront Backyard found by kids, Apr'08, Albert Dupuis

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    FL - Port Orange - Bones in Oceanfront Backyard found by kids, Apr'08, Albert Dupuis

    PORT ORANGE, Fla. — Authorities say a group of children playing ball on a beach discovered an adult human skeleton in the back yard of home near Port Orange, Florida.

    The sheriff's office in Volusia County says yesterday's find is being investigated as a suspicious death. The person had been dead for a few months, but it's not clear if the remains belong to a man or woman.

    The group of children, ages 11 to 13, chased their ball into the large yard of the oceanfront home. They found the decomposed remains in thick grass about three feet from a sea wall.,2933,351863,00.html
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    Hopefullly we'll have more details on Monday. There were several younger girls that went missing in Florida at the end of 2007. I was just looking on the Doe network, and there were plenty.

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    Remains determined to be that of a male. Credit cards (not that is a positive form of ID) and clothing found.
    Link HERE

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    Body found is likely that of a man that committed suicide a few years ago.
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    I didn't find a working link for his identification but he's not in Namus and not in DN. Guessing they probably know who this is.

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    This was my uncle. He shot himself years before they found his remains.

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    Thanks, SugarPieHoneyBunch, and welcome to Websleuths:

    What was his name? Was he listed on the publicly available missing persons sites?

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    His name was Albert Dupuis. I don't know about the missing persons thing... His sister and my aunt hired a private investigator before his remains were discovered but I don't know about any public lists.

    He is succeeded by one son: my cousin and now my little brother. He is doing very well.

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