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    NH - No Contact Order Disregarded Mom And Beau Get Locked Up

    Looks like Michele Robitaille of Derry, NH can't get along without her man. In March of this year a "No Contact" order was handed to Robert Maunsell for battering Michele's two year old daughter. Where'd LE find him the other night? Hiding under the covers in Robitaille's trailer. Both were arrested. I'm not thrilled the Judge slapped her with thirty days and then provisions. One including taking her little girl to a Doctor within 24 hours. What does that guy got that this chick would allow him back in her home with her poor baby present?http://www.eagletribune.com/punewsnh...secondarystory

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    So when she called the cops the first time, it wasn't about her daughter at all, it was probably a fight that she wanted to 'win'.

    What a set of losers, but FINALLY, a family member who stepped in and called the authorities!!
    Above is my opinion only

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