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    IL - Podiatrist convicted for sexually attacking patients

    The defense argued at his trial that a full physical exam was sometimes necessary for foot patients.

    Besides innappropriate touching he was giving full gynecological exams.

    One 52 year-old asked him, "What does this have to do with my feet." He told her he'd have a nurse in the room next time.


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    This jerk and that "breast-massaging" dentist should get together and open their own practice.

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    What a pervert!
    It is sad that these women didn't have the courage to just say "Hell no" to this guy.
    I think as women we are often taught to just follow what people in authority say and not speak up when we feel something is wrong. These women who are the victims were elderly too (expect for the 50 something year old) and they tend to be passive. How sad.

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