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    NY - Guardian Arrested For Purposely Burning Child's Hand Twice

    Of course when a child plays with a lighter the effective punishment would be to place their dang hand on an open flame of the lighter. When that doesn't work then going to the stove is next. Renee Dulin aged 40 of Hanibal, New York did just that to a 6 year old child she is guardian of. She's a peach. Maybe someone should burn her hand and see if it stops her from ever picking up another lighter again.http://www.9wsyr.com/news/local/stor...4-f288ca8efe21

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    Did she teach her not to run out into the street by running her over with the car?

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    A smaller city in Virginia.
    Thank god the child never played with the oven, guns, knives or anything like that.

    How is it that people like this end up with kids?

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    A lot of people end up with these kids because their family members couldn't take care of them. We see a lot of that in the public school system. A child is passed from his really bad parents to a grandmother/aunt of whomever will take them. It's not always for the best.

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    My grandfather did the same thing to my uncle. Burned him pretty badly too.

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