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    I just submitted him to GBI as a possible match for the UID. Thanks for the heads up Donjeta.
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    the UID is not in Namus but he is still at the GBI website so I assume he is still not identified:,00.html

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    GA - Commerce, Male, UP11161, 19 April 2008, Skull, Gunshot Wound

    Skull, mandible, and four vertebrae recovered of a male, age range 32-65 years, race unknown. Nearly full set of teeth present. Gunshot wound to skull. Located off I-85 in Commerce, Jackson County, GA on April 19, 2008.

    Not much to go on here, but there is a clay reconstruction of the face to look at, so I went in search of possibles. Since race is unknown and no remnants of hair were recovered, the coloring must be a guesstimate.

    David Cunningham, a resident of Colorado, was in Atlanta when he disappeared after 9pm on August 4, 1984. At 3am the following morning, someone driving Cunningham's vehicle was ticketed on I-59 southbound outside Birmingham, AL; the ticket was written to David Cunningham, but two weeks later, the officer could not remember or confirm if driver was actually him. If Cunningham was carjacked shortly after 9pm and taken up I-85 northeast of Atlanta, where he was shot and dumped, the perp could have turned in the opposite direction and made it to Birmingham by 3am, though one wonders why the ticketing officer wouldn't have noticed any discrepancy between the DL photo and the driver's face.

    At 36 years old, he's within the age range and there are two photos to compare; it's the shape of his eyes that caught my attention, the downward turn of the outer corners.

    Jimmy Maughon was 38 years old when he vanished on April 8, 1985 after leaving a bar in Winder, GA, where he had just won $4,000 in a pool tournament. His abandoned vehicle was found the next day near Winder. Commerce is 22 miles to the northeast of Winder.

    This one just looks like the guy. Donald Boardman, age 35, disappeared from Atlanta on November 23, 1985. His new car, credit cards, and jacket were found in the possession of a known criminal several days later.

    The jawline on this one. Joseph Criner, age 57, was supposedly en route from Marietta to Augusta, GA, on Father's Day, 1992, which would have taken him through Atlanta where he could have been intercepted and taken up I-85.

    I've only looked at Georgia MPs and there are lots more possibles, but these seem strongest to me so far. Anything here look like a good enough match to submit?

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    OkieGranny: There was already a thread for this UID. I've merged the thread you started with the existing one.

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    Ah, thank you. I did look for an existing thread but didn't find this one.

    ETA: And all my possibles look way too old for the 3-18 months estimate of time of death. No such info was listed on NamUs.

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