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    TX-Missing Child May Force Policy Change For Local ISD


    24 April 08

    10-Year-Old Skips School; School Doesn't Call To Check Absence With Parents

    CIBOLO, Texas -- An elementary school student's brief disappearance is prompting an area school district to review its policy on alerting parents of absences.

    A.J. Adams, a 10-year-old student at Green Valley Elementary in the Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Independent School District, decided Wednesday that he didn't want to go to school one morning and failed to catch the bus, said Paul Adams, the child's father.

    When his son wasn't waiting to be picked up later that afternoon, his father knew something was wrong.

    "Yesterday afternoon, I get a phone call from Todd Myers at Leadership Academy (asking), 'Did you keep your son home from school?'" Adams said.


    Community members searching for the child were unable to find him, and A.J. spent the night in a ditch not far from his home. He was found at a fast-food restaurant Thursday morning.

    Adams said he would like to see the district's policy of not immediately contacting parents of absent children changed.

    In a statement to KSAT 12 News, the SCUCISD said it plans to review its practice of notification of parents when children are absent.

    more at link

    (Hoppy's editorial comment: I can't believe that in this day there are still schools who do NOT phone parents/guardians when a child fails to show up for school. Sheesh.)

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    My children go to two different schools in the same district. I usually call in ahead of time to let them know why they won't be at school, but there have been times I've forgotten. One school calls to ask why my child isn't there, the other doesn't! Usually it's much later in the morning too....

    My dd's high school had an automated system where they must have just plugged in the home phone number and sent a recorded message asking me to call in to explain my child's absence. I figure that's the way to go because schools wouldn't need an actual person there dialing and leaving messages.

    I sure would feel better if all the schools did this.

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    My daughter was sent home from school feeling ill a week ago exactly and she is still off today. No one at all from mher school has contacted me since then!

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