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    FL - 3 Men failed in luring 3 cousins with $$$ Florida Fort Pierce

    Just saw this story while reading about the sudden suicide today of Deborah Palfrey, Washington Madame, DC (found in a shed at her mother's FLA home).

    Didn't see a thread here: surely news like this ought to be top priority on community radio & press for parents/schools to be on lookout for the vehicle especially as these 3 ****s allegedly followed the kids on a school bus? Mods, please delete if there's a thread elsewhere on this - apologies if there is one:

    Three men try to lure three young children to their truck. It all happened in broad daylight at a school bus stop in the 600 block of 33rd street in Fort Pierce.

    Everyday, cousins Antonio, Geonishia and JJ walk home from the bus together. But, on Wednesday, someone followed their bus home.

    Geonishia says, "First, they said, 'hi'. Then, they said, 'You want some money?' He [Antonio] almost went to the door, but my Grandma came out."


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    How scary.
    But this points out ONCE AGAIN, that you have to watch your children. You can no longer allow them to walk home from the bus stop alone. You cannot allow them to walk to school alone or leave them home alone. I know it isn't easy (We have 5 little ones) but they go everywhere with us and if they go outside, we are sitting right there watching.

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    Pixie's is right. The 10 year old should not have to be responsible for the safety of a 7 and 5 year old. See, that little boy was going to go for the money. Those three guys are up to no good. I hope they catch them. As always we're preaching to the choir here at WS as we all know what can happen in the blink of an eye, but walk to the bus stop people. Watch your kids. It's pitch dark outside right now here and I can look out my back drive and count...........O.K. there's six little kids out there. Where do they belong? At least one of them will probably wind up walking home all alone.

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    That's the stuff nightmares are made of. Scares me as a parent greatly!!! For all the kids, not just mine!

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    "The 10, 7 and 5 year olds say three men in a black pick-up truck asked if they wanted money. The dollar bills enticed Antonio, but his Grandma rushed outside and urged him home. Antonio's mother is thankful she was watching. "If she wasn't here, they probably would have taken them and done God knows what with them."

    Thank God the grandmother was watching or the child may have went with her.

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