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    OH - Jackie Evans, 25, shot to death, Cincinnati, 25 April 2008

    Mother indicted in fatal shooting

    A fight between two kids at North Fairmount's Fay Apartments escalated to the point where one of the mothers of the kids was shot and killed and the other has been indicted in the killing. (more plus pics at link)

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    What chance do children have with these kind of parental examples?

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    The poor children don't have a chance with mothers like this.

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    How sad. Not only for the children whose mother died, but for the children who might have seen their mother kill someone.

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    Heartbreaking, 6 children lost both their mothers. Jackie Evans the victim was the mother of 4 children, ages 8 months, 3, 4, 6 years. Tinisha Jones was the mother of 2 children age 4 & 9 years of age. What will become of these children...

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    The killer mother's two children were missing for awhile but found safe with relatives. Their thread is on the located forum. Tinisha Jones has still not been found.

    I feel so sorry for them. They probably did witness their mother shoot their neighbor and now their mother is gone.

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    The kids were so young. What kind of fight could have happened between kids so young that the mothers would end up in a fist fight and then one kill the other? The oldest were 6 and 9. Shaking my head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jolynna View Post
    What chance do children have with these kind of parental examples?
    The kids don't have a chance.
    One child is left motherless because his mom was murdered.
    The other child will be motherless-for a few years at least-because she is a murderer.

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    That's just peachy. Crazy people up in here.

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    Suspect wanted in Cincinnati shooting found in Chicago

    A mother accused of killing another mother in front of her children outside a Cincinnati apartment complex has been arrested in Chicago.

    U.S. marshals say they took 25-year-old Tinisha Jones into custody Friday at her boyfriend's home.


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    From July 2008:


    Tinisha Jones, 25, pled guilty to the April murder of Jackie Evans at the Fay Apartments.

    Judge Robert Winkler sentenced Jones to 13 years in prison Thursday on charges of voluntary manslaughter with gun specifications.

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