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    CA - Woman Facing Child Endangerment Charges House Full Of Animal Feces And Urine

    A Sacramento woman is facing charges of child endangerment after LE stopped at her home to speak to her. The place was swarming with flies and her 13 year old was forced to sleep in a recliner chair. Why? Well, because his bed was littered with dog feces and urine of course. Kathleen Porterous was arrested for having her child living in deplorable conditions. Sadly all the boy can see is LE took his mother away. Last time LE paid her a visit she was smoking crack soon after they left. This poor kid must have been so mortified.http://cbs13.com/local/filth.mother.....2.714977.html

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    How anyone could live in that filth is beyond me. The smell....God, I can't and don't even want to imagine...
    Poor kid...my heart breaks for him.

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    What a slob.
    The poor child. Did he have friends? Obviously he couldn't let them come over.
    How did he bathe? Wash his clothes? Where did he eat?

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    That's horrible. This woman needs treatment and to be sterilized if she wants to turn her life around and get the kid back. What do you want to bet the girl that was talking to the reporter was another child of hers in the home.

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    When we got our puppy a few months ago, she was not house trained. She still has accidents every once in awhile. She is a chihuahua mix, so not very big, and when she poops on the floor, everybody knows it. The smell is horrible. We clean it up right away. How could you stand not to? One little puppy poop is enough to have us covering our mouths and noses, rushing for paper towels and cleaner. I'll never understand how people can just let their animals use their homes as toilets, not bothering to clean it up.

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    I see a mention of the mother being out in the front yard smoking meth. That explains a lot.

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