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    UK - Michelle, 25, & Ryan Thomson, 7, murdered, Buckhaven, Fife, 3 May 2008

    A 49-year-old man has been charged in connection with the murders of boy and his disabled sister.

    Ryan Thomson, seven, and his 25-year-old sister Michelle were found dead in their father's home, according to police.

    It emerged yesterday that Ryan had been treated to a leaving party at his primary school just a day before his death.


    Was dad estranged from his wife? of course he was.

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    From December 2011:


    Bulldozers tore down Muiredge Cottage on the outskirts of Buckhaven, Fife, last week – more than three years after the slaying of seven-year-old Ryan Thomson and his sister Michelle, 25... Thomson, 54, planned the murders as revenge against June when she finally plucked up the courage to leave him after 27 years of being raped and abused...

    Thomson took them out for a McDonald’s Happy Meal, then stabbed them 26 times and left their bodies for June to find. She said: “He’d been lying on his bed savouring my screams as I found the children dead. I fully believe he wanted me to find the knife and turn it on him, then I’d be the one behind bars for murder.”

    Thomson, who was sentenced to just 17 years... "actually smirked at me when he was taken from the house on a stretcher. He was telling me he had won.”

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