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    WA - Five arrested in bizarre sexual assault retaliation case

    Five people have been arrested after a bizarre attack in which three of the suspects were held captive inside a Port Townsend-area home in an act of retaliation.

    Two men are being held for illegal detention and assault. Their three alleged victims are being held on investigation of child molestation.

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    Well what they did was wrong but if one of them really did molest a 14 year old then I dont feel sorry for them

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    Instead of charging him, the cops should give the father back his bat and let him have at them again.

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    Off the grid, LOL.
    I can't be mad at someone for protecting their 14 year old daughter.
    But at the same time, this girl is gonna need alot of love, understanding, and support to deal with this, and now her daddy is gonna be in prison.
    There is always HOPE!!!

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    wait! You mean all 3 of those people molested that 14 year old child??
    I would probably snap like this dad did! I would have killed them instead of beating them though.
    No question about that. You molest my kid, you die. Easy as that.

    Big props to the dad for doing what our laws should be doing.

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    Two real men went and whooped three guys' butts for molesting a young teen. They didn't kill them or maim them. I hope the charges are dropped, but I imagine it was worth it to the men whatever happens.

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