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    VA - Anna Creamer, 44, killed with crossbow, Virginia Beach, 8 Jan 2006

    Trial date set for crossbow killing case in Virginia Beach

    VIRGINIA BEACH – A man accused of killing his wife with a bow and arrow will stand trial in June, according to the Commonwealth's Attorney office.
    Anna Creamer, 44, was working out on a treadmill in the garage of her home on January 8, 2006.

    Police charged her husband, Kenneth Creamer, with murder.


    13News’ partners at the Virginian Pilot have reported that there were 12 insurance policies totaling about $1.2 million on Mrs. Creamer.


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    I'm looking forward to this one. The Creamers lived about two miles away from me and I've always been interested in this case. If I hear any inside scoop, I'll post.

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    wow I don't remember hearing about this case. Looks interesting. Hmm. Not sure I buy the "I tossed a bag and the arrow shot through it".

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    Quote Originally Posted by ckwood32 View Post
    wow I don't remember hearing about this case. Looks interesting. Hmm. Not sure I buy the "I tossed a bag and the arrow shot through it".
    Not sure, I am sure that this is not "plausible". Gee the "fictional" accounts of killers sure does make one think "are they going to blame it on a "large" white bunny rabbit too.

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    There are also money issues involved ... gambling issues, joint bankruptcy a few years ago and now a solo bankruptcy in New York for the husband (claiming to be divorced) and multiple insurance policies exceeding one million dollars. This is also the second time Anna has been shot by the crossbow.

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    From August 2008:


    Kenneth Creamer, convicted in June of murdering his wife with a crossbow more than two years ago, tried one final time Monday to argue that it was just a hard-to-believe accident...

    "Obviously," Circuit Judge Frederick Lowe said, "the jury did not believe this killing was an accident, and having sat through the trial, quite frankly, I have a hard time believing it."

    Noting that Creamer took no responsibility or showed any remorse for his wife's death, Lowe ordered him to serve life in prison.

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