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    TX - Carolee Andres, 19, Midland, 23 Feb 1985

    The Midland Police Fepartment reopens a 23-year-old missing person's case. It happened back on February 23, 1985. Officers were dispatched to a 7-11 on West Illinois in reference to a possible robbery. When authorities arrived, the clerk, then 19-year-old Carolee Andres, was missing and the cash register was empty. She hasn't been seen since that day. If you have any information on this case, call crimestoppers at 694-tips. It could be worth a $2500 cash reward.


    I'm surprised the news video segment didn't even have a photo of her. How can you find someone if you don't even know what they look like? I can't find her anywhere on the net. I hope they at least spelled her name right.

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    I can't find any archived articles about this woman.

    I can't find her under missing persons websites.

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    Carolee Andres

    Carolee Andres is my cousin and I want to find her. Please help me. I have her picture on my Facebook page. Please go to my FB timeline. My profile name is Lisa Torricer. Thank you. Please help me find Carolee!

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    CBS 7 Investigates MPD Cold Case
    Carolee Andres went missing at about 2:30am on February 23rd.The 5’3”, 180 pound Hawaiian woman went missing from her job. She was a clerk at the 7-11 store, and just disappeared. The cash drawer was also missing.

    Lt. B. J. Land tells CBS 7: "At the time, the 7-11 was empty. There were no signs of any kind of foul play or struggle or anything. Her smock remained at the scene at the store and the money in the register was gone."
    An eyewitness saw a truck that belonged to man that was later identified as a person known to Carolee at that same 7-11 the morning she went missing. That same truck was found about an hour later by a DPS Trooper on the interstate at FM 1053.
    Inside was Carolee and a man named Edward Hopper. The trooper said that Carolee didn’t seem to be in any danger.

    Lt. Land added: "But at the time, there wasn't anything to indicate that we were looking for the truck. The troopers didn't have the info yet. When the trooper made contact with the two occupants, the female being Carolee, was later identified as Carolee, indicated that there was nothing wrong. She was there willingly and was not in any danger. According to the Troopers statement, he spoke to her separately from the male occupant and the opportunity was there. She could have said right there but she said according to the troopers statement she indicated she was there willingly and that they were fixin’ to come back to midland soon."
    more at link.


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    The one clear lead in this case seems to be the owner of the truck, Edward Hopper. It seems odd that no more has been said about this link, especially in the context of a reopened case. It is even more strange given that Mr Hopper seems to have been easily reachable. Ancestry has multiple records for an Edward R Hopper, born 7 February 1966 (so the same age as Carolee) and shown as living in Midland. He seems to have moved around a bit (with Ancestry also showing residence in Missouri). However, he is shown as getting divorced in Midland as recently as 2000. Of course, it may be that it was a different Edward Hopper (although that would be a big coincidence) or it could be that he was closely questioned and ruled out (but, if so, why mention him in the story).

    Ancestry also has a birth record for an Edward Hopper on 7 February 1966 (but an Edward H Hopper, in Sacramento). The only relevance of this is that the only reasonably timed reference to Carolee Andres I can find is in a school e-yearbook, and that is for Granada Hills, Los Angeles. Could they have known each other from California? Are these names just coincidence (a big one given the names and ages) or are they the same people? Does Mr Hopper still live in Midland?

    Lots of questions but no real answers. Perhaps ljcts35 can provide some help on these matters?

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    It turns out that Mr Hopper still lives in Midland. He was also arrested in 2013 on traffic charges and in 2014 on theft, drug and traffic charges. Sounds like the sort of character worth revisiting by LE.

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