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    POI-Jim Hickey

    Software salesman from Atlanta who took Tara to dinner early in October 2005. Did he visit Tara the friday before she disappeared at the school? Was she actually dating him or was it a business relationship?

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    I don't even remember this name coming up before, or a few others I see, they have been talked about so little. Very well maybe for good reason.

    Very interesting. Thanks believe.

    I have searched and searched and at this moment, I'm not finding him mentioned anywhere except listed in one post on old forum.

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    This name finally came up in the podcast "Up and Vanished" and he said that Tara sent him a text the night she disappeared that read, "I'm Cold"... Now that's scary. Assuming that no sane person would make something like that up, it makes me wonder why this wasn't a large known piece of information or evidence. This whole case is frustrating...so many people involved, yet it seems Iike only strangers on websleuths are picking it apart. I know it happened 11 years ago...but if that was my friend or family member, I would hope that I would know enough to get evidence against at least one POI. Unless Tara lived s very private life even outside of her friends, I just wish we could hear more from them about what they think or know.

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