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    WTVT-Ch. 13 in Tampa arrested six men formed a circle

    None of the news stations hardly mentioned this story. No orange jumpsuit, no mug shot ect..if this had been a teacher, pastor or you name it they would have been all over it.. I Guess its who you know


    TAMPA — The general manager of WTVT-Ch. 13 in Tampa was arrested Friday night at an adult video store on charges of exposure of a sexual organ and lewd and lascivious behavior.
    Robert W. Linger, 49, was one of six men arrested by undercover officers inside the movie theater at Fantasy Land Adult Video Store, 4714 N Lois Ave., Tampa.
    According to the arrest reports, the six men formed a circle around the undercover officers inside the theater and began masturbating.
    Fox 13 News reported the arrest on its Web site, stating that it is "aware of the matter and is currently reviewing it."
    Fantasy Land has a full-screen theater with couches. There is a sign inside the theater that states "no sexual acts allowed beyond this point," an employee said Saturday. The theater is considered a public place.............

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    Ewww, that article is way too descriptive! lol Those poor undercover officers.

    It always interests me when the media protect their own. Hopefully the guy is embarrassed enough and will resign on his own.

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    A similar incident (not forming a circle, but public exposure at an X-rated movie theater) ruined the career of Paul Reubens (aka Pee Wee Herman).

    I agree with GetSmart: can you imagine if it had been a teacher? A pastor? The story would be plastered all over the place.

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    Just ICK!

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    Disgusting but seriously, why is this a crime? I am sure this "theater" is inside an adult book store or clearly states it is an "adult" business and these are consenting adults.

    This is not unheard of in the gay community or the hetro either!

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